We believe the least visible part of a bathroom or laundry renovation but the most important is the…plumbing!  A plumbing mistake or shortcut can be time consuming and very costly. By engaging a plumber with experience and skills your plumbing will be installed correctly, ensuring a quality service for many years.

Phil has been providing quality plumbing services to Perth for nearly two decades. He has the expertise and knowledge necessary to handle your plumbing needs, from troubleshooting problems with taps, to locating leaks.

As well as standard bathroom plumbing, like installing a new toilet or tap, he can also install other household appliances like a dishwasher or fridge that must be connected to your home’s pipes.

Waterproofing gear can be bought from your local hardware store.  Some DIY renovators choose to do it themselves. But this is not without risk. Not only is the cost to fix a leak down the line astronomical but doing it yourself voids your home insurance. This is the assistance Phil can provide, to give you the peace of mind that it is being done properly.

Our plumbing services are ideally suited to existing homes where the owner is looking to renovate their bathroom, laundry and/or kitchen. But we also provide services and solutions for homeowners who wish to create new bathrooms, or even for new builds where the entire plumbing system must be designed and installed from scratch.

The most common plumbing services we provide

Leaky Pipes

With ever increasing water costs, it is vital to address leaky pipes and drainage issues quickly! Replacing blocked and leaking pipes will keep costs to a minimum and to ensure your kitchen and bathrooms are working efficiently.

Sink plumbing and installation

Whether it is your kitchen, laundry or bathroom, Tubs and Tiles has the skills and expertise to take care of your sink installation. We can remove your old sink, replace, or relocate the pipework, and then connect the drain and waste.

Tubs and Tiles can assist you with your sink selection and we will pass on our trade price discount, ensuring you receive the best value possible.

Toilet Upgrade and Repairs

Are you building a new home and need a new toilet installed? Perhaps you are renovating a bathroom and would like to upgrade your toilet and move it to a new location? Or do you want to upgrade your toilet, to save you valuable water and money? We have you covered and can address all your toilet needs.

Tubs and Tiles can assist you with your toilet selection and we will pass on our trade price discount, ensuring you receive the best value possible.

Tap repair or replacement

Whether it relates to general wear and tear of tapware like replacing a seal or installing a kitchen or bathroom mixer, we can help. Upgrading taps and fixtures can also save water and add value to your bathroom, kitchen or laundry. Consider a water filter for your kitchen to ensure your family is benefiting from the highest quality water.

Tubs and Tiles can assist you with your tapware selection and we will pass on our trade price discount, ensuring you receive the best value possible.

Waterproofing wet areas

While DIY shows may make it seem easy to apply your own waterproof membrane, it can prove to be a costly mistake. We have lost count of the number of shower repairs we have done in the past two decades due to poor application or the absence of waterproof membrane.

There are some aspects of a bathroom renovation that you should leave to a professional. The supply of quality waterproof membrane and how it is applied, is one such area. Save yourself time and money, by getting a professional like Phil to do it for you

Bath plumbing and installation 

Baths can be challenging to remove and install. Whether you select a free standing or a bath that needs to be bricked in, Tubs and Tiles has the expertise to assist with all your plumbing needs.

We can remove your old bath, reconnect, or install any new plumbing, brick work and install your new bath, whichever style you select.

Are you stuck on which bath best suits your needs? Tubs and Tiles can assist you with your bath selection and we will pass on our trade price discount, ensuring you receive the best value possible.

Installing white goods such as a dishwasher and washing machine

Attempting to install a dishwasher or washing machine is no easy feat. Tubs and Tiles can disconnect your old machine and relocate it for you while your laundry is being renovated. We understand how important it is always to have an operating washing machine!

We can then help you install your new washing machine to the water supply and move any pipes if relocating to a new location.

Trust an expert for your plumbing requirements  ASK US HOW


We are experiencing uncertain times and we understand the importance of cost savings where feasible. An experienced and skilled licensed plumber is well equipped to suggest ways you can reduce your costs without compromising the integrity of your renovation.

Here are some ways you can save money during your bathroom renovation and consequently well into the future:

Keep your existing layout 

One way to save plumbing costs is to stick with your existing layout.  Keeping major fixtures where they are,   can save you a lot of money. Whereas relocating toilets,   sinks and taps means moving pipes, and potentially digging up floors. A costly exercise.

Quality Fixtures

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to fixtures and fittings, making it difficult to decide. It can be tempting to go with the cheapest, but cheap may not serve you in  the long run. In our experience, cheaper hardware often requires servicing or part replacement soon after install,   and parts can be hard to source.

Instead we recommend choosing reputable brands with a good warranty period (12 to 15 years is good), that may be slightly pricier, but will serve you well into the future. Good brands also have good service history and   will replace parts should they break down within the warranty period.

We will be delighted to help you to select your fixtures   and fittings and are more than happy to pass on our trade discount to you, making it more affordable to choose quality hardware.

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"Absolutely Brilliant"

Bronwyn and Anthony Raykos
I just wanted to thank you and your team so much for finishing the work at our house today. The bathroom is absolutely brilliant and your attention to detail and quality has exceeded our expectations. We have also been very impressed by how clean and personable all the members of your team are, they were all very easy to work with. We have already recommended you to many of our friends and will definitely contact you again if we decide to manage the renovation out the back of our house ourselves.
Wendy Criddle, Floreat
Thank you for your professionalism and high standards.
Graham and Dorothy Donley, Yokine
We are delighted with the work that you have done for us and found it a pleasure to deal with you. We have no hesitation in recommending your firm to any of our friends
Lloyd Hatfield, Gooseberry Hill
We wanted to thank you for the excellent work you have done for us – three rooms in total. The overall finish and in particular the tiling are first class
Gordon and Faye, Balcatta
It was a pleasure dealing with you and your team
Ria and Chris Ryan, Floreat
We were really impressed with Phil and his team right from the initial quote through to completion.  The quality of the work was excellent and finished within the agreed timeframe.  We didn't hesitate to ask Tubs and Tiles to come back and renovate a second bathroom for us
William and Yukiko, Coolbinia
A great result and good job Phil (& Metodi) and team Tubs & Tiles. Thank you for transforming our bathing space into something really special
Peter and Patricia Rothery, Floreat
The bathroom looks good and works well.  The shower screening is particularly pleasing and I understand is possible, to be done as it is, because of the craftsmanship of Metodi, your Tiler.  Overall a great job.  Thank you, Phil

"Very Positive Experience"

Bonnie Millard, Yokine
Thank you for the great jobs you did with my wonderful bathrooms. I love them as does everyone else! I have recommended you over and over again. I had a very positive experience throughout. All the tradesmen were excellent

"So Special"

Joan Vivian, Maylands
As I look around my new bathroom everything looks so special that we wanted to thank you for such a fine job. Your attention to detail, patience and excellent workmanship is not so common in today's world

"Problem Solvers"

Kerrie and Guy Gibson
Thank you for your courteous and professional service, we particularly admire your problem solving skills of which you had to deal with in this case through no fault of your own. All of your contractors were great and on time. We must say though we won't miss Metodi's early starts, that man knows how to put in a full day's work!

"Absolute Perfection"

Karen and Len Smith
We recently renovated our tied and out of date bathroom with Tubs and Tiles. The end result was exactly what we were hoping for. Every tradesman on the job performed their task with absolute perfection and we were very impressed with all of them, from the tiler, electricans, cabinet maker and painter. Phil and Janelle, the owners of Tubs and Tiles, “bent over backwards” to ensure all jobs were done on time, helped us with product choices and followed through at every stage. We would highly recommend Tubs and Tiles to any of our friends and family, and should we need to renovate our other bathroom, they will be the first, and only, company we call.

"Tidiest Tradespeople"

Corey Pouloudis
I was exceptionally happy with the complete project from start to finish. Everything came in on budget and on time. The staff at Tubs N Tiles were all friendly and were the tidiest tradespeople that I have ever had. I would highly recommend Tubs N Tiles for anyone thinking about a bathroom renovation

"A Dream Ensuite"

Annie and Hugo
Phil and Janelle, we would like to thank you both for the great work done.  You have both been a pleasure to deal with as have your tradesmen for the different disciplines.  We are delighted with the quality and professionalism

"Quality Renovators"

Damon Sunderland and Brian Weinberg
Thank you very much for recently completing our bathroom, laundry and toilet renovations. We are delighted with the end result. We have been very impressed with your quality of work, solutions to problems that were "unearthed" and your suggestions, discussions and honesty when it was needed. Your attention to the finer details and the quality people working with you are all part of what sets you apart from other. Keep it going! We recommend you to others

"The Highest Standard"

Vivian Evans, Yokine
Thank you for your professional service. Your work was of the highest standard and you were all polite and reliable. During the renovation you kept me informed of progress and completed the work with minimum disruption. I would not hesitate in recommending you

"A Stress Free Experience"

Andrew Brown
I'd just like to thank you and Phil for all your work. It was truly a stress-free experience and I couldn't be happier with the end result. The bathroom has gone from being the worst room in the house to the best! I certainly will not hesitate to recommend Tubs and Tiles to my friends and family.


  • Can I renovate my own bathroom?

    Yes, it is possible but logistically challenging as there are so many trades involved. Engaging a bathroom renovator will not only manage all trades and resolve unforeseen issues but will also save you time and energy. A renovator may even save you money.

  • How much do bathroom renovations cost?

    Typically, a full bathroom renovation ranges from $12,000 to 15,000, depending on the quality of fittings and fixtures selected. If you have a smaller budget, a partial bathroom renovation could be a solution.

  • What do I need to consider before engaging a bathroom renovator?

    The most important consideration is budget. Once you have worked this out, you and/or your bathroom renovator can determine the layout, design and fittings and fixtures that best meet your budget.



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