Do you service all of the Perth metropolitan area?
Yes, we are happy to travel to you anywhere in Perth.
Why should I hire a bathroom renovator?
There are many advantages to hiring a professional bathroom renovator rather than opting to do-it-yourself. Following are some of key benefits to engaging the services of a renovator:

• They have the skills and experience and will provide a professional finish.
• The job will be completed quicker, as a renovator will coordinate all trades on your behalf.
• They are well placed to handle and resolve any unforeseen problems that may arise.
• Most bathroom renovators will pass on a trade discount for all hardware and tiles purchased on from their trade account.
• Any reputable renovator will ask you to sign a works contract that should include personal details of both parties, costs, and terms & conditions (T&Cs). Part of the T&Cs should be a guarantee of works to be completed. This gives you assurance that all products or services provided will be replaced or repaired if not to standard.

The key to hiring the right bathroom renovator for you. Look for experience and testimonials. You may wish to ask the renovator if you can speak to one of their clients to ask about their renovating experience.

What do I need for a bathroom renovation?
To renovate your bathroom or laundry you need to follow a process to ensure you achieve the outcome you are looking for, that meets your desired budget and timeframe.

Following is a rough outline:

Firstly, you need a design of your preferred bathroom layout. If you need help, look for an experienced bathroom renovator. Changing the layout of your room, could add to plumbing costs. It would pay to find a bathroom renovator who is also a plumber (like Phil!), so you learn during his onsite visit, what are your options and potential costs.

A scope of works detailing tiling heights and tile sizes; plumbing, glazing, electrical, painting, and plastering requirements; cabinetry including cabinets, vanity. If this is your first-time renovating, a bathroom renovator can provide you with advice and a quote, saving you time and costly mistakes.

You can then choose to get trades to quote from your scope of works direct or engage a bathroom renovator.

There are quite a few trades involved in a bathroom and laundry renovation, which is one of the main reasons why people choose a renovator to manage their project.

Coordinating trades and problem-solving unforeseen events, can be a headache. But, if you are happy for the renovation to potentially take longer to save money, you may choose to do-it-yourself. Just do not skimp on plumbing and electrical works, as this may prove costly in the long run.

How much do I need to budget for a bathroom renovation?
A bathroom renovation can range from $5,000 to $20,000 plus. Renovation costs largely depend on the quality of fittings and fixtures. For example, a frameless shower screen is around $2,000 more than a semi frameless shower screen. But it is important to weigh up cost with your desired outcome. The fixtures and fittings you choose, can make or break the look and feel of your bathroom.

Tiling is a key feature of any wet area and is around roughly 30-35% of the overall cost. Wall tiling to the ceiling adds not only to the tiling cost but also the cost of tiles. Cost aside, tiling to the ceiling is a luxury trend that can completely transform a bathroom.

If you simply wish to refresh your bathroom with mid-price range fixtures and fittings, to the same positions as existing, this is possible for a budget of around $10,000.
If you would like to build your dream bathroom to a specific budget, then working with a bathroom renovator to determine what is possible, might be the best option for you.

Why is Tubs and Tiles the best bathroom renovating choice?
Phil has provided quality bathroom renovation services to the Perth metropolitan area for over 20 years, earning Tubs and Tiles the reputation as one of Perth’s most experienced bathroom renovators.

Not only does Tubs and Tiles have over 2 decades of industry experience, but they are highly skilled at any level of renovation from part renovations to full conversions. Being a qualified builder, Phil particularly enjoys larger projects that require brickwork and creative design. In saying that, he still gets a kick out of smaller projects like freshening up a tired bathroom. The end result can be just as rewarding.

Tubs and Tiles prides itself in providing top quality service, with 0% recall on workmanship to date and 100% customer satisfaction.  Most of Tubs and Tiles work comes from repeat business and/or referrals, which is testament to this fact.

Tubs and Tiles is built on its team of qualified and reliable trades, who value providing a top-quality service to our customers, above all else.

How long does it take to do a bathroom renovation?
10 working days for a standard bathroom. Your bathroom is functional at this point, however glazing is measured from a tiled surface and can take an additional 7 days to make and install.
Can you recommend retail outlets to purchase fixtures and fittings and tiles?
Over the years we have built strong relationships with outlets including Reece, Samios Plumbing Supplies, Parkwood Hardware, Crosby Tiles and Myaree Ceramics to name a few. We are happy to assist you with your orders through these outlets and can manage the order from quote, delivery and take care of any warranty issues.
What does your obligation free quote include?
Phil will personally visit your home and take time to run through your renovation. You need to allow at least 45 minutes preferably an hour per room. Phil will take measurements while on site so he can provide you with a sketch of your proposed bathroom design. You will then receive a written quote and sketch shortly after your initial consultation.
How long have you been renovating bathrooms and what are your qualifications?
Phil has over 15 years experience in renovating bathrooms in Perth. He has been a licensed plumber for over 20 years and as a registered builder can take on renovations over $20,000.
I would like to accept your quote, what’s next?
Once you have accepted our quotation, we will work out a mutually convenient time to start your renovation. A contract will be drawn up that sets out yours and our contact details, job schedule and payment terms. Tubs and Tiles and you sign the contract and you pay a 6.5% deposit.

We can then assist you with your selections of fixtures and fittings and tiles and organize your consultation with other trades (e.g. cabinet maker) before we are due to start.

Should I take time off work when the renovation is being done?
It is entirely up to you. The work is at times noisy and may therefore be unpleasant to be home during renovations. Should you need to work, we make ourselves available to you at the start and the end of each day to run through any issues in person.
Do you have insurances?
We have Public Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation insurance. If we take on work valued at over $20,000 we take our Home Indemnity Insurance as required.
We loved that Phil the business owner quoted on our bathroom renovation. Do you do all the work yourself?
Phil will personally project manage your renovation from start (including meeting you to quote) to finish. He will do all the plumbing and organize other trades e.g. electrician, glazier, cabinetmaker and painters.

All of our trades have been with us for years and are very reliable and professional. Our tiler Metodi has been with us since Tubs and Tiles began. You will have people commenting on his excellent workmanship. Our clients are always commenting on him as a hard working, committed and superb tiler.

Do you miter your corners when tiling?
Yes, always. It makes the edges of your tiling job look far neater and more professional.
Will it be dusty?
Unfortunately the fine dust is unavoidable and will settle everywhere. We make every effort to cover and protect floors and encourage our clients to cover furniture with sheets. At the end of the renovation our qualified cleaner will spend 3 hours, FREE OF CHARGE, to clean the house areas affected by our works.