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Coming up with a theme when renovating a bathroom

My expectations of a bathroom renovation is to make it look more appealing, to give it a flare so that it would look good by itself and would enhance the overall feeling of my home.

That is why I felt it is very important to come up with the appropriate theme when renovating a bathroom. When selecting a theme for a bathroom renovation, it is very important that you fully comprehend your limits and desires. For me, my budget and the available space I had were my limiting factors, and I think it’s the same for most of you; if so, you might not be able to have that big bathtub you wanted or build a stand to keep plants on top. Therefore make sure you go for something that suits your needs and your limits, not just because you saw it somewhere else. Don’t get me wrong. You should browse through other bathroom themes to get an idea of what you want and what would meet your requirements perfectly; just don’t let those feelings get the better out of you. Hope these few pointers of mine will help you come up with a theme that suits your needs.

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