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Ways to make your bathroom look bigger

You are not alone if you feel claustrophobic in your bathroom. A bathroom is a place where you should feel comfortable and peaceful. Many of us however, unintentionally use the wrong type of paints, bathroom fittings etc. creating a cramped up feeling.

There are ways to undo this damage and make your small bathroom look bigger.

  • Using light colored paints on walls and the ceiling will give the illusion of a bigger space.
  • If you’re a person who likes bright colors, use other perks such as bathroom accessories with color.
  • Also, installing additional lights in dark corners will eliminate the cramped feeling.
  • To make it look even bigger, it is a good idea to add mirrors. The reflections of mirrors also give the appearance of a bigger space.
  • Another important change is flooring. If you don’t already have light colored tiles on your floor, change them.  Dark floors tend to swallow up light and make any space look small.


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